Buyer Guide Rules
For the first time shopping friends, is important that you take few minutes the patience to read, so you can avoid misunderstanding and dispute in future transaction, Thank You !

❤ Shop Price
Our price are fixed, we will not accept any bargain. Bargaining please bypass !
As we are selling good service rather than lower price & bad quality and the services too.

❤ Shortage Problem
There is no any item reserve service here. All orders are based on first come first serve.
If after payment then stock shortage occur, we will fully refund money to you ( money-back guarantee ), cannot accept and understand of this situation, Please do not place order.

❤ Cost Issues

This is very subjective, everyone's ideas are not the same.
Different values ?? and high expectations of buyers, we afraid we cannot meet up ur required.

We only provide a cost-effective stuff to friends like style, fabric, quality, workmanship, degeree of difficulty, price, after-sales services are cost effective.
We believe there is no free lunch !

Color Issues
Network sales cannot avoid the color issues, each photo we will based on the physical proof, but in different colors of light, in a different monitor to see merchandise color will different,

Cant tolerate buyers please be careful, if you cannot accept any color of slightly different, color will not as the negative feedback, complaints and return basic, it is recommended that the color-conscious buyer for a few monitors to see.

Postal Problems
ETA 4-5 days to arrive, among the city the transporting speed there are necessarily different, especially in remote areas. If encountered bad weather and holidays, there will be delay in the delay phenomenon.

In additonal, we do not know the quality of Courierman.
It may appear bad attitude or systs damage, we cant predict the unexpected factors, and so are not responsible for !
Anyway, we will determine the goods in the dressing properly before mailing.

Good sold are not returnable, refundable or replacement.
Please think twice before buying, not accept buyers are recommended not to participate in the online shopping.

We thanks for every evaluation.
If you are statisfied and praise to us, we appreciate it !
If you not satisfied, please communicate with us.

We accept the pertinent criticism, we know that the mistakes will certainly exist and also very willing to be held accountable, If habe problem with each other please more calm and frank, we believe that any problems will be solved.

We always welcome this neutral, and tolerant of the customers, I believe we can become good friends. Not welcome who hold out proud, do not respect us.

If you in order to achieve your own end, the threat of malicious attacks us, we will adhere to the principle of complaints in the end !



All order(s) will be auto cancelled if no payment received within 24 hours after order checkout.
Once the buyer done the transaction payment, means you are Agree and Accept the above Rule & Regulations !

" We wish you have a pleasant online shopping experience, Welcome Back ! "